Quest Soul Bound Badges ✨

Quest Labs
3 min readNov 17, 2022

Today we are excited to reveal our 🥁….wait for it….Quest Soul Bound Badges ✨

What is a Soul Bound Badge?

Soul Bound Tokens(SBT) are Non-Transferrable NFTs that allow community contributions to be recorded and since these NFTs are not transferrable, they are owned by you!

What can Soul Bound Badges be used for?

Soul Bound Tokens can be issued to build someone’s Identity. Communities can leverage Badges to acknowledge contributions by rewarding badges for engagement and participation. In general, tokens or proofs for a number of things such as -

➡️ Proof of Completion — Badges can be issued as Proofs of Completion of a course, quest project, or task.

➡️ Proof of Engagement — Badges issued by a community or brand as Proofs of Engagement on Social Media.

➡️ Proof of Participation — Badges can be issued for participation in a community twitter space, for attending an event, or for taking part in community initiatives.

➡️ Proof of Work — Badges can be issued as credentials for job positions you’ve held or work completed as a part of a course or project.

➡️ Proof of Loyalty — Communities can issue Badges as tokens of Loyalty as a customer continues to be a part of the brand and makes purchases. This can even be extended into a Loyalty Program for the Brand/Community.

➡️ Appreciation Badges — Badges can be issued as tokens of appreciation or kudos to friends or peers.

These are just some examples but really it’s up to your creativity on how you want to use Quest Badges!

Design & Issue Non-Transferrable NFT Badges using Quest

At Quest, we have built a SUPER easy way for you to Design, Mint, and Issue Badges to anyone! This is how you can get started -

  1. Go to Quest App, sign in with your wallet, create a profile and then click on the create button on top.

2. Upon clicking on Create you will land on a page that looks like the one below. Here you can add details about your badge such as Badge Title, Description, Claim End Date, and Who can claim this badge — Open Badge or Only certain addresses can claim. There is also an option to add advanced information such as XP Points or Skill-Score associated with the Badge.

3. For the Badge image, you can either upload an image or design an image of your own using Quest. Below is the pop-up that shows when you click on Design Badge. Here you can customize the badge background, logo, text, and font!

4. Finally, when you click on Save, the badge is minted and you are taken to the badge page, which you can then share with anyone. The badge page looks like the one below! You can either share the link or the QR code for anyone to claim!

Watch the whole Quest Badge Creation Demo.

If you are a part of a DAO, Web3 Community, or building a Dapp and interested in using Quest, fill out this quick form or schedule a demo here and we will get back to you!