Quest Soul Bound Badge Use Cases

Quest Labs
1 min readDec 17, 2022

Quest recently announced the launch of our Soul Bound Badge NFT Builder, check it out here. In this article, we go over use cases of Soul Bound Tokens —

  • Proof of Completion — Badges can be issued as Proofs of Completion of a course, quest project, or task.
  • Proof of Engagement — Badges issued by a community or brand as Proofs of Engagement on Social Media.
  • Proof of Participation — Badges can be issued for participation in a community twitter space, for attending an event, or for taking part in community initiatives.
  • Proof of Work — Badges can be issued as credentials for job positions you’ve held or work completed as a part of a course or project.
  • Proof of Loyalty — Communities can issue Badges as tokens of Loyalty as a customer continues to be a part of the brand and makes purchases. This can even be extended into a Loyalty Program for the Brand/Community.
  • Appreciation Badges — Badges can be issued as tokens of appreciation or kudos to friends or peers.

If interested in any of these use cases, reach out to us at Quest, We are building a No-Code Platform & SDK to Incentivize & Engage your Web3 Community. If you are a part of a DAO, NFT Community, Web3 Community, or Platform interested in using Quest, fill out this quick form or schedule a time to chat here!