Introducing Quest — Web3 Reputation Infrastructure

Quest Labs
2 min readJul 8, 2022

Our physical and digital lives are intrinsically linked, and online reputation is more important than ever. But in Web2, for 99% of people on the Internet, the value of their digital identity exists in fragments and is locked within centralized platforms in application siloes. The reputation you build on Twitter doesn’t transfer over to your Instagram account. Every time a creator moves or adds a platform to their portfolio, they effectively start at zero and must request their fans to do the same.

Interoperability, open data, and a reliable way to know someone’s identity are essential to a person’s identity, and Web2 platforms have failed to provide those key elements.

Unlike Web2 platforms that lock your credentials into the system, Web3’s ownership model allows credentials to be owned by you and controlled by your wallet and private keys. This means we can own all of the pieces of our digital identity, while also controlling who we reveal that data to and how it’s represented. We believe that eventually, this will become the default and change from “Web3 reputation system” to Reputation System.

Introducing Quest

Quest provides a solution to the lack of Reputation Infrastructure in Web3 through our Platform and Protocol that helps Communities & Platforms to recognize — and thus incentivize — participants’ contributions. We will be solving that through a platform and a protocol.

  • Quest protocol will allow developers and third-party applications to build cross-chain & composable reputation systems.
  • Quest platform is a no-code tool helping Communities Record Member Contributions and use it to reward and incentivize members based on it.

This will help communities move from a Plutocratic way of making decisions based on the amount of Tokens held to a meritocratic way of doing things.

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If you are a part of a DAO, Web3 Community, or building a Dapp and interested in using Quest, fill out this quick form or schedule a demo here and we will get back to you!