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3 min readNov 27, 2022

Introducing Quest Platform ✨

Quest provides a solution to the lack of Reputation Infrastructure in Web3 through our Platform and Protocol that helps Communities & Platforms to recognize — and thus incentivize — participants’ contributions.

Quest platform helps to Unlock the Power of the Community by helping Reward and Incentivize members based on their reputation —

  • Record Member’s Contributions by issuing Badges that add to a member’s Web3 Reputation.
  • Badges get added to Community Profile, which evolves based on Members’ Contributions to the Community.
  • Reward Community Members based on badges they hold by setting up Quests for them to complete.

How it Works

Community Profile — Live Now 🔥

Communities & DAOs can set up a Community Profile where members can see Open Badges, Rewards, and Quests.

Quest Dashboard

Using the Quest Platform, a community can issue badges to acknowledge a member’s contribution, participation, or engagement. Badges can be added manually or set up to be issued automatically for different use cases.

Create a Badge

Badges are ERC 721-VC, a combination of Non-Transferrable NFT, and contain Verifiable Credentials that get added to the user’s Overall Web3 Identity Through Decentralized Identifiers(DIDs) issued by Quest protocol.

Badges also contain Skill & Score assigned by a community, which add to the User’s Community Score. Quest Platform Score(XP) is accrued by collecting Badges. Based on Badges held by a member, Communities can decide whether to token-gate, reward, give access, delegate tasks, allow voting, and more.

In the future, Communities can also set up Quests, which is a reward and incentive structure for their communities such as levels that members can achieve to gain benefits. eq. Individuals can complete tasks, level up and gain additional rewards based on the amount of XP or badges collected on a quest.

For Users

Through our platform, Community Members will be able to build their profiles, look up profiles of others within the communities they are a part of. They can claim badges that add to their overall Web3 Identities and build their Web3 Reputation.


  • Reputation-based Decision Making for DAOs — Quest enables DAOs and Communities to move from a plutocratic way of making decisions based on the number of tokens or NFTs held by a member to making a more meritocratic way, based on member contributions. Based on badges held by a member, they can be onboarded, given access to vote, delegated tasks
  • Identifying Top Fans for Creators — Quest can be used to identify Creator’s top fans based on platform-agnostic, on-chain interactions and reward them with exclusive access or other perks.
  • Reputation in DeSo, Gaming & Metaverse Platforms — Quest Protocol can be used to power Player and Avatar reputations by storing and updating characteristics.

Learn more about Quest on our website here.

If you are a part of a DAO, NFT Community, Web3 Community or Platform interested in using Quest, fill out this quick form or schedule a time to chat here!